About Us

Welcome to Charmé de Soie - your home of fine silk!

Welcome to our exclusive e-shop, where we combine elegance and sleep comfort. We are a French brand with a passion for quality silk that enhances your night's rest and skin care. Imagine a sleep that is not only restful but luxurious.

Charmé de Soie was not created by accident. Years ago, we decided to bring something special to the world of sleep. Our story begins in the heart of France, where we a the best for our customers. And so our passion was born - quality silk pillowcases and silk sleep masks.

Why "Charmé de Soie"? The name of our brand carries the power and charm of silk, which we decided to pass on to everyone who desires a perfect sleep. "Charmé" means enchanting and "Soie" is the French word for silk - by combining the two, we create enchanting silk for your perfect sleep.

Our flagship products are silk pillowcases and silk sleep masks made from the finest quality silk. Why silk? Because it is the best material for your skin during sleep. It is suitable for allergy sufferers, protects hair from damage and provides unprecedented comfort.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase with us. That's why we provide free worldwide postage and you can expect to receive many good deals and discounts in your email throughout the year. Your satisfaction is our priority, so you can contact us at any time.

Join us in the world of Charmé de Soie and treat yourself to a sleep that not only relaxes but also enchants.

Thank you for being with us!